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If you’ve been wearing eyeglasses for a long time, then you’re already familiar with the problems caused by old and generally faulty nose pads. Your glasses will either be positioned too high or too low on your face, resulting to poor visual performance. Loose or defective nose pads can also leave indentation marks on your nose.

Whether you have new or antique yellowish nose pads, it’s always important to know the basics on eye wear maintenance. This article will focus on nose pad replacement. You see, nose pads are among the most commonly replaced or repaired components of eye wear. Replacing your nose pads are not simple because there are important factors that must be considered before deciding on how to replace your nose pads. We will be covering two main factors in choosing nose pads, namely the mounting type and the nose pad shape. So grab your glasses and start reading!



There are several methods used in mounting nose pads. The most common are: Screw-in, Push-in, and Slide-in.

Push-in and slide-in nose pads are the easiest to mount because you just have to apply pressure using your finger to remove the nose pad attached to the frame. Slight pressure is also used on the replacement nose pad to secure its attachment on the mounting arm.

Screw-in nose pads utilize small screws to hold them in place on the frames of your eyeglasses. The nose pad screws usually look similar but some are not interchangeable, which is why it is recommended to keep and use the existing nose pads that came with your eyeglasses when you bought them. You can easily replace one missing screw as long as you know the type of screw used on your eyeglasses. Most eyeglass repair kits also come with common nose pad screws and a jeweler’s screwdriver.

Adhesive or stick-on nose pads do not require hardware to mount the nose pad on the eyeglass frame. These nose pads are commonly made of silicone and foal materials and simply peel off from a waxy material before you can apply them on the surface of an eyeglass frame.



Nose pad sizes are measured along their long vertical dimension from top to bottom in millimeters (mm), where 1mm is roughly 1/32 inches. Common nose pad sizes include 9mm, 11mm, 13mm, and 15mm.

When replacing your nose pads, it is important that you try to choose replacement pads that have the same size as the original ones on your eyeglasses. Unequal sized nose pads may cause your eyeglass to be misaligned. This result to higher pressure and pain on the area of contact. On the other hand, replacement nose pads that are larger than the original nose pads may either push the eyeglass frame higher or even farther away from your face. It may not be able to fit on your face at all. These changes in position can have adverse effects on your vision because of the misalignment between the optical lenses and your eyes.


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