Are There Long-Term Consequences to Not Wearing Your Glasses?

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If you wear glasses and you have tried to go without them, you may notice that life is not as great when your eyes hurt. There may be the added fear that it is actually making your eyesight worse, but you can rest easy because that isn’t how it works. When you aren’t wearing your glasses, your eyes are forced to do all of the work that they can do. This will make your eyes tired and cause you a lot of discomforts but it isn’t permanent.


Something to look at here is why you aren’t wearing your glasses, to begin with. These days glasses are accessories so hopefully, it isn’t because someone called you “four eyes”. If you aren’t comfortable with either your frames or prescription, get thee to the eye doctor. You may need to update your prescription. If it isn’t the prescription, but you are still uncomfortable wearing the frames then it is time to get a new pair.


Even if a pair of frames looks good, if they are tight or slide around, you may not have found the right pair. You might want to look into a frame with a spring hinge and ensure that you get your glasses adjusted quickly. You may not get them adjusted perfectly the first time, but you can go back until you get them how you want them. A good fit is important. You may have paid a lot of money for your eye wear and really don’t want to replace them, but if they make you not want to wear them then they aren’t a good fit.

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The good news is that there are online stores where you can get some really great frames. They are typically the same style as what you see in the store, but less expensive and the selection is bigger because the store has way more space for the product. So don’t put unnecessary strain on those peepers. Get some frames that look great and feel comfortable.

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