​Best Prescription Glasses for Kids

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At a very young age, many children are already required to wear prescription eyeglasses for vision correction. And while finding a decent pair of prescription lenses for adults is not that difficult, choosing the perfect one for kids could be a little tricky. 

We at Daniel Walters want to make it easier for you. So here are a few things to consider in choosing the best glasses for your kids!

1.Choose the Right Bridge Fit

Kids have smaller heads and underdeveloped noses. That is why you should focus most of your energy on looking for glasses with the right bridge fit.

If you want to get your toddler glasses made of plastic frames, make sure that the bridge is built mid-level or a lot lower than the top rims. This will allow the frames to sit comfortably on his or her nose without sliding off all the time.


If you prefer metal frames, choose a pair built with traditional nose pads. They usually are attached to adjustable arms which will allow you to manipulate the placement of your frames to sit steady.

The key is to find eyeglasses with a bridge that can prevent the frames from falling off a child’s small face.

2.Pick the Right Temple Design

You also have to be very particular about choosing eyeglasses built with a lot of support and stability provided by the right temple design. Children tend to play a lot and run around. Because of this, eyeglasses worn by kids often fall accidentally and become more prone to shatter than those worn by adults.

Some glasses are made with temples that completely wrap around the back of the ears. This type is called “cable temples” and they are made ideally for children. It will keep the glasses from falling or sliding off the face.

As another option, you can also opt for glasses that come with a strap that goes around the head.


3.Spring Hinges

Look for glasses with spring hinges. These hinges make flexible frames as it allows the temples to flex outward. This is perfect for kids who still don’t have much control in the way they put on or take off their glasses. It is also a great feature because children tend to fall asleep with glasses on and regular hinges would not live long with that habit. 


Spring hinges are encouraged for kids who tend to play with their eye wear a lot. This will surely save you a lot of repair money.

Children deserve to wear the right kind of glasses or those especially made for them. Don’t let the wrong kind of eyeglasses get in the way of your kid’s activities. Choose the pair that’s right for them.

While many stores offer different varieties of eye wear for kids, only at Daniel Walters will you find the best styles and quality with the most competitive prices! 

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