Choosing Frames Based on Skin Tone

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Light skin with warm undertone

Those with more of a pale, peachy complexion fall into the light skin category. A yellow or green undertone indicates a warm undertone. Complimenting these tones with warm neutrals or saturated shades are the way to go. Dark colors serve well to contrast the light skin base color.

So what does that mean? A brown or warm tortoiseshell is great for fans of neutral colors. If you are looking to start bold, or already have a vibrant personality, go with purple or red. Avoid lighter colors or blues. They will just give you that washed out look you’ve never wanted.


Light Skin with Cool Undertone

If you have light skin and a pink or blue undertone, then this is the category that best suits you. For this skin tone, you will want to look at cooler colors and neutrals.

What does that mean? You will want to look at pinks, jewel tones, and blues. Light neutrals like cool beige go well with this skin tone. Avoid yellow tones like gold and green because they will completely clash with your complexion.


Medium Skin with Warm Undertone

This category is for individuals with a yellow or green undertone to their medium cast skin. The light brown skin color works brilliantly with earthy colors and makes neutrals stand out.

What does that mean? Warm browns and tortoiseshell frames are great if you fall into this category. Earthy greens or gold are great choices as well. Just avoid cool jewel tones.


Medium Skin with Cool Undertone

Those with a pink or blue undertone to their medium skin color fall into this category. While olive skin is known for having both yellow and green undertones, it is considered neutral and fits in this category as well.

What does this mean? This category has a lot of flexibility and can be a lot of fun to shop for. Jewel tones are especially brilliant with this skin tone, as well as purples, reds, blues, and blue-toned reds. For fans of neutrals, you can dress your eyes in a deep gray or strong black frame. Understated or warm colors will clash if you fall into this group.


Deep Skin with Warm Undertones

If you have a deep skin tone with a tint of gold, you will be in this category. This skin color is complemented by rich, warm colors.

What does that mean? Golds and deep browns go well with this skin tone. Gold-toned greens also work well and you can’t go wrong with any type of tortoiseshell frame.


Deep Skin with Cool Undertone

Those with deep skin and cool blue undertones fit into this category. A good color is one that complements and pairs with the blue undertones.

What does that mean? Blacks, purples, and blue-based greens play well, as do smokey blues. This group can do a marble blue color as well.


In the end, choose a frame that you love. Having an idea of what you want or can pull off will get you there faster. 

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