​Choosing Frames for Your Lifestyle

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All professions place demands on your body and your mind in entirely different ways. You may also work during the day and play sports or socialize at night. These things require a different “uniform” between them. Your eyes are an important part of any activity and must be dressed appropriately.

Computer Habits

These days, people spend at least eight hours in front of their computers on any given day. If you have a computer-related job, it could be more. If you include the smartphones and tablets that go everywhere, that increases the chance for eye strain, eye fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, and headaches.


Along with the work that your eyes are doing day-to-day, hyper-focusing on what is on the screen in front of you is rough. Add to that the sleep-disrupting blue light, and an assist can be helpful. Lenses made for filtering blue light can reduce some of the strain and side effects of being in front of a screen all day. You may even squint less and that prevents wrinkles! All in all, it could lead to increased productivity and more enjoyable gaming.

For Outdoor Jobs

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, a pair of sunglasses is definitely in order. If you find that you are going in and out a lot, a pair of transitions is the answer to your prayers. This includes students hustling from one class to another, and moms. UV blocking lenses shield your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them. Any prescription can be put into a pair of sunglasses and the styles available are fun.


For Outside Activities

Leading an active lifestyle is good for you and exercise is good for your eye health as well. If you are playing outdoor sports, you should consider getting a pair of sunglasses with that sport in mind. Having a pair of polarized sunglasses for everything else is a given.


Sports frames are made to withstand impact and have comfort in mind with an optimal fit. Golf, cycling, running, and water sports have sport-specific lenses. For indoor sports, clear performance glasses with prescription lenses are the way to go. Both indoor and outdoor sports lenses are going to be more durable.

Whether at work or at play, glasses should enhance your activities, not hinder them. Check out styles to suit your lifestyle today.