Classic and Fun: Vivid Value Soho Collection

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The Vivid Value Soho collection is full of classic eyeglasses but with a fun twist whether that is a pop of color or cool embellishments. This collection is perfect whether you are dressing up or dressing down and the fashion-forward eyeglasses will always give your outfit bold detail to make you stand out from the crowd. The eyeglasses in the Vivid Value Soho collection can work for any age and any gender which means that there is something for almost everyone!

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All of the eyeglasses in the Vivid Value Soho collection are available for purchase with prescription lenses. This makes looking amazing on the go that much easier.  Single vision, such as reading glasses or glasses used for distance sight, are available for an added twenty-five dollars. Bifocals are available for an extra ninety-five dollars and they are the glasses that have the line at the bottom for reading and the top is to used for distance. Last but not least, progressive lenses are available for an added one hundred and ninety-nine dollars and these are the lenses that have multiple focal lengths. Simply get your prescription from your doctor and you can order your eyeglasses from Vivid's Value Soho Collection.

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This collection is perfect for anyone who wants to start experimenting with their eyewear because it is subtle but yet a little bit adventurous. The classic lens shapes and styles are great for everyday and the fun colors give them a little something extra. The Vivid Value Soho collection is what you want if you want to make a statement with your eyeglasses.

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