Evaluating Your Options: Contact Lenses vs Glasses (2/2)

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There are undeniable differences in how glasses versus contacts can contribute to your overall appearance. This is more a matter of personal preference. Contact lenses enable you to correct imperfect vision (or even change your eye color with colored contacts!) in a way that’s invisible to the outside world. However, with so many options with frames and styles available nowadays, it’s certainly possible for anyone to find a pair of glasses that are stylish, comfortable, and flattering for your visage.

Difference in “hidden costs”

This consideration isn’t one to take lightly, as it can amount to both a figurative and literal cost difference between contact lenses and glasses. Unlike glasses, contact lenses are literally worn in contact with the surface of the eye--thus, introducing a whole bunch of risks and hygiene measures that aren’t present for glasses. Ideally, you should always remove contact lenses before going to sleep at night, but this is easy for anyone to forget from time-to time. Leaving a pair of contact lenses in the eye for too long, or failing to abide by other lens-wearing hygiene guidelines can cause complications ranging from mild irritation and dry eye, to infections and even permanent vision damage. It’s not something to mess around with, consider that you’ll pay with your health, and pay the price to return your eyes to working as good as possible. Make sure to work with your optometrist on understanding and maintaining responsibility for your eye health, whether that be for contact lenses or fashionable glasses. 

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