Eyeglasses Hacks!

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We now live in the time where almost everything has a “hack”. We always try to find ways to makes things more convenient and practical. These hacks can actually come in handy and save some cash. One of the everyday items that we have is our glasses. Every four-eye knows how much a world of difference it can bring. Here are some tips to help eye glasses do their job better.

Sometimes you get a small heart attack when you can’t seem to find your glasses. An easy trick to find eyeglasses in the dark is put some glow in the dark sticker or paint in the glass case. In broad daylight, you can use your phone’s back camera. Use the zoom in feature as you search through your things.

Fog is the last thing you would want on your glasses. Clear your view with soap. Simply rub it on the lenses and wipe clean with a cloth. It keeps away from fogging with the protective film that it created. You can also use a shaving cream.

You probably have the habit of pointing your glass back to your face. Put less effort by having some rubber bands looped tightly in each glass arms. No more slipping. If you are into make-up, you may also use your eye shadow primer. Before wearing your glasses, apply it in the under eye and nose area where the glass bridge fits perfectly.

A DIY lens cleaner is very easy to do. You will need an empty spray bottle. Use a funnel to make sure not to spill anything. First step is to add two parts of rubbing alcohol. Second, add one part water. Third and last is to have three drops of dish washing soap and its ready. You can now label your lens cleanser.

Always make sure to have microfiber clothes. It is cheap and readily available in optical shops. Make sure to wash it with hand soap or mild detergent. Cleaning your glasses with your clothes can scratch it especially with the dust accumulated in it. Vinegar, bleach, ammonia, and window cleaners should not be used as well. It can damage the glass coating.

A scratch doesn’t mean you have to change your lenses. Apply nonabrasive toothpaste, wipe it in circular motion and clean it off. This will remove scratches and you can use your lens cleanser for a finishing touch.

These hacks are 20/20. Hopefully it helped you in dealing with your glasses. These are low cost maintenance to help brighten up your day. 

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