Glasses for Every Occasion? Yes, Please!

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Clark Kent wore glasses to disguise his secret superhero identity, why shouldn’t you have a separate persona or two? Or more? With glasses, you can change your look quickly and, believe it or not, really effectively. Think about the fact that different frames suit different faces. Round frames will soften harsh features, but so will oval frames and different shadows and such will add dimension differently. Make this look work a number of ways.


There are obviously practical reasons to have multiple pairs of frames, and they don’t have to be boring just because they are practical. Sunglasses, for instance, are recommended for pretty much everyone now to protect your eyes and you can totally glam this up. Get some oversized frames and add protection and mystery.


Your everyday frames are likely lived in a bit. They are a bit loose where it matters, and you have had them adjusted to not roam around. This does not translate to the gym or to sports. For working out, you may want to get a transition lense to minimize the number of frames you will have for this purpose. You will not always train or play indoors or outdoors. These may be your overall outdoor frame. The bottom line is that you should have a pair that you would feel confident running, jumping, and climbing trees while wearing.


It is ridiculously easy to add a touch of elegance with a pair of eyeglass frames. This is especially true if you wear a daily frame on either the loud or plain end of the style spectrum. If you typically wear loud and funky frames, a simple clear frame could make you look elegant. On the other hand, if you typically wear a simple style frame you would go the other way. A similar frame with a little bling or a fun and funky “off day” frame, for instance, would change your look entirely.


The change really starts when you stop looking at eyewear as a necessity and start seeing it as an accessory. Shop for your prescription type, obviously, but have fun. You can find inexpensive frames for every occasion, but you can have your “special frames” that cost you a pretty penny as well. 

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