How To Make Eyeglasses Last Longer

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Sometimes, eyeglasses need to be replaced. Whether it’s time for a new style, or your old ones are just looking too… old. However, sometimes you have to find a new pair of eyeglasses, despite your appreciation for your old pair that are now broken or tossed away, never to be seen again.

There are simple ways to keep your eyeglasses around longer than normal, especially if you’ve splurged a bit on them and want to utilize them as best as possible. Follow these simples steps to keep your eyeglass last longer.


Always keep them in a case when not wearing them

This can help preserve your eyeglasses in more ways than one. Many people just toss their eyeglasses on the table or on the side of their bed when they’re not using them. Instead, find a place to gently set and rest them, if you decide to not put them back in their case. And never, ever just toss your eyeglasses into a full bag as your rushing out the door. Always try to put them in a case when you’re not wearing them, as tossing them in a backpack or purse without it is a sure way to break them or, at the very least, damage them.


Make sure you always clean them

Cleaning your eyeglasses daily is important! To keep the lenses and frames as nice as possible, you should always start your day by cleaning them and making sure you can actually see clearly out of them. These daily cleanings will help keep your eyeglasses of the highest quality without wearing the frames or the lenses down. Glasses can get quite dirty from particles floating in the air throughout the day, so it’s highly recommended to clean them with a fiber-cloth. If you really want a nice clean, you can always buy specialized soap or liquid made especially for eyeglasses.


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