Kind of Tints you can add to your prescription lenses

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On our website, we offer different tints that you can choose to add on to your eyewear after you have checked off the Prescription checkbox and have entered in your prescription. But what are these tints and what is the difference between them?

Solid Tint

The solid tint option means that the color you choose – for example, grey – is coated across the entire surface of the lens. This turns your eyewear into a pair of sunglasses essentially, depending on how dark you decide to make the coating.

Polarized Tint

The polarized tint helps reduce glare significantly when compared to the other lens tints or standard lenses. If you are sensitive to sunlight, especially light that is bounced off of bright or light surfaces – for example, white buildings on a sunny day – then polarized is a great tint option to pick out.

Combined with the anti-glare coating, you will be able to see much more easily with your glasses on, no matter the weather or time of day.

Mirror Tint

The mirror tint is a coating that is applied to the front of the lens. For example, if you pick blue, you only really see it from the front. This makes your eyewear’s lenses to appear like a mirror, as it reflects images back but you don’t really see the person’s eyes as well through them.

Gradient Tint

The gradient tint is almost the same as the solid tint as it covers the entire lens. However, the coloring of the lens is the darkest on the top of the lens – on our website at 80% - and fades at the bottom of the lens – to 10%.

On some pairs of sunglasses you may see on our website, the gradient may go from one color on top to another color on the bottom as well.

Hopefully this has answered your questions about the different lens tints you can choose from on our website! While the sunglasses already have these types of tints on them, you can get these tints on any of the eyeglasses you choose to pick out.

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