Modern and Classic: The Vivid Value Collection

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The Vivid Value Collection was created for anyone and everyone. This collection is perfect for any situation from going to school to going to a party. These eyeglasses are beautiful and classy looking while still being toned-down enough for normal daily life. This collection has a wide range of eyeglasses with thick frames and thin frames as well as round, oval, rectangular, and square lenses. 

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These eyeglasses are available for purchase with prescription lenses which makes rocking your favorite styles that much easier. Single vision, such as reading glasses or glasses used for distance sight, are available for an added twenty-five dollars. Bifocals are available for an extra ninety-five dollars and they are the glasses that have the line at the bottom for reading and the top is to used for distance. Last but not least, progressive lenses are available for an added one hundred and ninety-nine dollars and these are the lenses that have multiple focal lengths. Simply get your prescription from your doctor and you can order your eyeglasses from Vivid's Value Collection.

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The Vivid Value Collection is the perfect collection when you are looking for something to spice up your look and give your entire ensemble a more put-together appearance. The unique and stylish eyeglasses are what makes this collection so popular here at Daniel Walters. 

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