​Seven Reasons Why Eyeglasses Are Better Than Contact Lenses

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For people who need to wear prescription lenses, it is always a choice between getting a pair of eyeglasses or committing to a year supply of disposable contact lenses. 

Now here’s what we think. 

You can never go wrong with eyeglasses!

The following are seven reasons why people should opt for prescription eyeglasses over contact lenses.

1.Eyeglasses are low-maintenance. All you need is a little microfiber cloth to wipe off the smudge every now and that’s it. Contact lenses, on the other hand, needs constant cleaning. You have to keep eye lubricant drops with you at all times in case your eyes dry out. You also have to get a reliable disinfectant liquid to make sure your contacts are fully sanitized. Moreover, you got to store your contacts in a case with contact lens solution to provide moisture for soft contact lenses. It’s actually a lot of work if you’re just getting used to it.

2.Contact lenses are quite tricky to put in and take out especially if you’re new to the whole process. A lot of people need to face in front of the mirror to successfully wear them on and off. It can take a few second for some and a minute or two for newbies. Another problem with contacts is that you can easily switch the left and right lenses without realizing it until it gets uncomfortable. This is especially annoying if you have a completely different prescription for your right and left eye. Furthermore, contact lenses are quite a hassle especially in times when you’re running late. Eyeglasses, on the other hand, can be worn as simple as putting on a hat. It’s basically a one-step process that needs no instruction manual or demonstration.


3.Eyeglasses are relatively cheaper than contact lenses considering that soft contacts have to be replaced every month or so depending on how frequent you wear them. Most contact lenses are disposal so no matter how careful you are with them or even if your prescription has not change, you still have to toss them out into the trash.

4.Contact lenses are terrifying. If you have ever tried wearing them before, you would understand how uncomfortable it is to stick a foreign object inside your eye. The process of it is not a pretty sight for the spectators, too. You see, in order to insert it, you have to open your lids as wide as you can and stare at those little blood vessels popping out while you go in to wear the lenses. Eyeglasses are simple, easy, and you can wear it on with poise.


5.People who wear contact lenses on the regular are more prone to eye problems compared to people who wear eyeglasses. For example, those who wear contact lenses have a higher risk for keratitis which is basically an infected cornea, also known as corneal ulcers. Wearing contacts also makes you more prone to pinkeye or conjunctivitis. Good hygiene decreases the risk of these infections.

6.Eyeglasses are capable of improving your visual performance by controlling or adjusting the amount of light your eyes receive. Photochromic lenses are lenses with clear transparency indoors and during the night. They go a shade darker as they get more exposure to sunlight. This type of lenses provides a lot of comfort and versatility. Photochromic lenses can also block ultraviolet rays that cannot be done better by any kind of contact lenses. Eyeglasses cover the entirety of the eyes and not just the pupils so they are able to protect the white part and the lids.


7.Eyeglasses are stylish! While contact lenses can change your natural eye color to something more of your liking, eyeglasses can make a great fashion statement! Prescription eye glasses have evolved from a simple vision correction tool to an exciting eye accessory.

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