The Perfect Fit: A Guide on How to Measure Your Glasses

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Eyeglasses make life a lot more easier for people with vision problems. When getting a new pair, it is really important to make sure that you get the right frame size. The wrong fit can be uncomfortable and frustrating, which is something you do not want if you are going to use your glasses everyday. We at Daniel Walters only want the best for you and your eyes so we have here a guide on how you can measure the frame size of your eyeglasses.


1. Width of the frame. This is easy-peasy. From one end to another, measure the front of your frame horizontally. This includes the lug pieces and hinges. This may vary on the style that you want or what your doctor advises you to get.

2. Height of the lens. This is the the top to bottom measurement of your lenses. This may vary according to what your ophthalmologist may prescribe or what suits you best. So just vertically measure your lens from top to bottom including the bulge.


3. Width of the lens. Horizontally measure the lens at its widest point. The same as the height, this may vary according to your prescription or what best suits you and your needs.

4. Bridge. This is the gap between your lenses where a wire is attached that will set on the top of your nose. So first, you should horizontally measure the edge of one lens to the other. Make sure the gap is suited to your facial structure and nose height so your eyeglasses would not easily fall off.

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5. Temple arms or length. This is the part that makes the front part of your eyeglasses cling to your ears so it would not fall off. So just measure from the front part or where your lenses are up to the part where the temple should bend and cling to your ear. Make sure that it fits perfectly so your glasses would not easily fall off and break. 

If you have been using a pair of glasses before, you can use that as your basis to adjust the measurements for your next pair accordingly. At Daniel Walters, we have an array of eyeglasses you can choose from. We have eyeglasses which vary from style to sizes depending on what you need and prefer. Hope you can find the perfect pair!

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