Time for a New Pair of Glasses? (1/1)

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Let’s take a closer look! Everyone has different vision correction needs and preferences, so it’s only reasonable that the frequency of needing to switch to a new pair of glasses will vary from person-to-person, or even for one person over time. That being said, there’s a rational approach to determine whether it’s time to change up your eyewear, based upon the following considerations:

  • Changes in eyesight or new vision problems
  • Amount of wear-and-tear on the glasses
  • Degree of importance in being on-trend and style-centric

Here’s how to weight each of these factors to know when’s the right time for you to get new glasses.

Keep tabs on vision and eye health

Routine visits to your optometrist are a must for all things eye health and vision, and the single best way to make sure your prescription matches your current corrective needs. If your prescription has changed since you last updated your eyewear, there’s really no question that it’s time to look into getting your next pair. As always, discuss with your optometrist for guidance. However, especially if your prescription has changed significantly, you’ll likely find the cost of a new pair of glasses well worth the trouble and discomfort it saves you from wearing the wrong prescription. That means the difference between eye fatigue and strain, tension headaches, and annoyingly blurry vision--or being free from these symptoms! Of course, if you find yourself experiencing these symptoms between annual eye exams, don’t hesitate to visit your eye doctor even sooner than planned.

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