Time for a New Pair of Glasses? (2/2)

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Troublesome wear-and-tear

Those who depend on their glasses for most of their everyday lives will undoubtedly notice more wear and tear, and be more likely to accidentally damage their glasses sooner than people who wear them only occasionally for certain conditions. However, keeping the frames and lenses in good condition is as important as wearing the correct prescription. Scratches on the lenses can impair visibility. Frames that have been bent out of shape (accidents happen!) can be annoying at least, or at worst cause uncomfortable pressure that leaves impressions on the skin, across the nose bridge or behind the ears--something that can literally or figuratively cause headaches.

Have your glasses repaired by a specialist (your optometrist can point you in the right direction), and replace them when it makes sense. For daily eyeglass-wearers, it can be cheaper to purchase multiple pairs of glasses at once, and alternate to prevent one pair from wearing out too fast--with the bonus of having a spare pair of glasses ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Need to upgrade?

While this might seem a bit less practical than the other two, it is actually important--and arguably beneficial--for many people to keep up with the latest and greatest in technology and fashion. Most of us spend more time than ever before focusing on electronic screens--from computers, to smartphones and tablets--which means more eye strain due to glare and blue light radiation. Advances in optics and materials manufacturing have presented an antidote in the form of glare-reducing and other specialized lenses, which are likely worth the upgrade if your occupation involves a lot of screen time.

And for all those for whom fashion is a passion--or a central fixture of their profession--it only makes sense to make sure you’re sporting nothing other than the current eyewear trends. Make sure to hang onto your old pair, though! Eyewear fashion cycles from current, to out, to vintage--just like the rest of the pieces in your wardrobe--chances are, they’ll be back in style in the near future. 

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