​What Kind of Frames Should I Get If I Don’t Have a Prescription?

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There are a crazy number of things that factor into getting a pair of glasses when you have a prescription. Sometimes, the wearer isn’t even aware of it. The optician assisting a purchase will sometimes talk someone out of a particular frame because the prescription just would not work. With progressive lenses, the frame has to have room for that progression obviously, and the same with a bifocal. A smaller frame may not work with a more complicated prescription for astigmatism either. Frames are such an amazing way to show off your personality though.


If you want to use eyewear as an accessory, you are super lucky because you are not confined by anything other than your comfort. You can walk into any eyewear store anywhere, try on as many frames as you like, and get whatever your budget will allow. You would be wiser to try a few on to see what you are comfortable with and look for online sales, however, but getting a couple of super cheap frames will let you see what you are okay with. Some major retail chains sell frames for ten bucks. You get what you pay for but you will know how you feel about plastic vs. metal frames.


Most people with prescriptions have to wait about a year between new frames so that their insurance will kick in. Without a prescription, you won’t have to pay the real cost: lenses. Yes, you can easily spend a couple hundred dollars on a pair of frames, but it is typically the lenses that get you. You can turn any frame into a pair of sunglasses though, so keep that in mind. So what kind of frames should you get?


You can go with the age-old “whatever suits your face shape” rule of thumb. You could look up current trends and just try them out. Many online stores offer a 30-day return policy. If it gets a little confusing at checkout with all of the prescription options, you can call and place an order as well. While using a virtual mirror is great for seeing how they will look, but how they feel is something you only get from trying them on. Also, pay attention to your line of sight. Without worrying about a prescription, you can wear them around for a bit in different situations to see how you like them. 

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