What to Know about Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings (1/1)

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Technology and scientific development have brought countless advances, including for lens-wearers; glasses nowadays can do so much more for vision and eye health than simply correcting refractive errors or sub-20/20 eyesight! A lot of our ability to see clearly can actually be affected by the behaviour of light and its reflections off either our surroundings, or the eyeglass lenses themselves. Fortunately, special anti-reflective lens coatings can counteract most of these glares and distortions to make it easier on the eyes to see clearly in any conditions. Here’s how...

A brief description

Anti-reflective coatings are basically what they sound--a special coating on the surface of the eyeglass lens that cancels out glares and reflections that can quite literally make it an eyesore to see in focus. An anti-reflective (or anti-glare) coating will not alter your prescription strength, but will alleviate the contribution of distorting light patterns so that your eyes don’t need to work as hard to see in focus.

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