Why You Should Always Have An Extra Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses

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You probably wouldn’t believe how common it is for people to have only one pair of eyeglasses. Whether it’s because of their budget or because they don’t think they need an extra, backup pair (in case of accidents), people just don’t usually have an extra pair of eyeglasses laying around.

But there are reasons why you definitely should.


Accidents happen

We’ve all had those horrible accidents where you accidentally sit on your glasses… or you drop them and they break somehow… or you’re playing a sport of some time and they break in the process of you making a goal. Regardless of how these accidents happen, they still happen. Broken glasses can be common -- but they shouldn’t ruin the rest of your day or week as you wait for them to be fixed (or for you to buy new ones). If you haven’t broken a pair of eyeglasses before, you’ve probably misplaced them at least once, especially if you don’t use them continuously throughout the day. Lost eyeglasses are still no fun, and if you don’t have an extra pair to rely on, you’ll be going throughout the day blind until you find them again. Having a backup pair means you don’t have to stress and run to the closest eyeglass store when these accidents happen.


You can style your glasses according to mood

For those that are more fashion forward and like to change things up, having an extra pair of stylish eyeglasses can help you when you’re feeling a bit in a funk. By changing your everyday eyeglasses to your trusty spares, you can bring some fresh style to your life. Something as simple as this can go a long way when you’re feeling a bit bland -- and you’ll be thanking the extra pair of eyeglasses you made sure to buy!