Eyeglasses to Compliment Your Eye Color

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Going with neutral frames like black, brown, or tortoise is easy. They go with pretty much all hair colors, skin tones, and attire. It is also a safe bet with a neutral frame that it will go with any eye color or occasion. That’s fantastic if you want to fit in, but what about occasions where you want to stand out?


Matching your frames to your eye color

Whether it feels like it or not, there is life outside of the office. While you should invest in a good frame that you can wear for everything, you should totally splurge and get a pair for everything else. For your more casual occasions, try finding a pair that brings out those gorgeous peepers.

Blue Eyes

Orange, the answer to blue eyes, will make your eyes pop and it is a fun, bright color for any occasion. For a neutral pair, tortoise and brown will pair well.


Brown Eyes

Literally, anything looks good with brown eyes. Everything from your classic black frame to a bright green. Brown eyes are the easiest to dress which gives you a lot of latitudes. A cool blue frame could play both sides.


Grey Eyes

To avoid a flat look, you will want to choose a colorful frame. The good news is that grey eyes, pair well with almost any brighter colored frame.


Green Eyes

Red will forever be the biggest compliment to green, but that doesn’t mean that you should grab a red frame as the only resort. While brown, earthy tones play well with green eyes, try gold or purple for a bold look.


Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes often change colors from brown to green, though some would argue it is from green to blue. How do you compliment something that changes? Brown frames go with all three colors so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Amber frames are a perfect choice if you want something different that works seamlessly.


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