​Eyeglasses for Your Hair Color

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Much like eye color, but easier to play with, is your hair color. There may be some shades that you want to stay away from, but you are still looking to accent your facial palette. Just remember, if you go by the hair, and decide to dye it, you will have to dye it a complementary color.

Blonde with Warm Undertones

Also referred to as “golden blondes”, warm blondes will have bronze and honey notes to their hair. Warm blondes tend to have darker hair as well. Warm blondes have their pick of warm colors. Hemlock, peach type colors, and the classic tortoise colors will work well with this hair color.


Blonde with Cool Undertones

For blondes with an ashy tone or even platinum, working with your hair color can really spice things up. Black frames work well with this hair color as do blue, pink, and dark tortoise. Stay away from frames with gold undertones.


Brown with Cool Undertones

Brunettes are cool, especially when they lack red undertones. Brunettes with ashy undertones are cool brunettes and you will want to complement this with dark frames. Black is best with this hair color, but experiment with pastels as well.


Brown with Warm Undertones

Brown hair that has red undertones is most commonly referred to as auburn hair. Auburn hair works very well with tortoiseshell frames. The warm, earthy colors of tortoise are what really work with auburn so frames that have these tones as well will work.


Red Hair

Red hair is vibrant and alive. Those with red hair also tend to be fair skinned and both of these lend well to bold frames. Whether it be bold colors or a more conventional dark frame, you are sure to look fantastic. Avoid red frames though as they will blend in and not stand out.


Black Hair

The obvious choices for black hair are black and tortoise. Depending on your skin’s undertone, you are missing a fantastic opportunity to try brights. Cool blues are a good place to start but stay away from ashy tones to avoid looking washed out.


Grey and White Hair

This hair color is the best color to experiment with. Bright colors will look fantastic with your hair so go nuts! Steer clear of yellows and browns as they will make your face look dull. 


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