Can I add prescription lenses with desired colors on sunglasses?

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A lot of people need prescription lenses to adjust their vision and be able to see clearly. However, these people will also need sunglasses during the summer to protect their eyes from the harsh, bright sunlight. Obviously, they can’t wear two pairs of glasses on top of each other! If only we can add prescription lenses with desired colors on sunglasses... can we?

The answer is Yes and you have two options for this.

You can either bring your eyewear to the local eyeglass store so they can tint your glasses for a price, or for the cheaper option, you can learn how to do this yourself and go through the whole process at home. But remember, you can only choose the latter option if your lenses are made of the plastic material. Glass lenses and lenses with some protective coatings will fail to absorb the dye.

Now that you know this, you just have to prepare the lenses and sunglasses you are planning to use. You also have to decide on what color you want the tint to be. But before you make your next move, you have to make sure that the sunglasses frames you are going to use is of good quality. You have to see to it that the prescription lenses fit the frames just right. For this to work, the lens must be correctly placed and the frames should be properly adjusted.

So, what is the process for this?

First, you have to check if the prescription lenses you want to add to your sunglasses are on a base curve of 8 or less. If you want to make this done professionally, you have to agree to pop out the lenses of your sunglasses to make room for the prescription lenses. So, if your sunglasses have the brand logo on its original lens, you must be willing to give it up for replacement.

To solve your problem about choosing between prescription lenses and sunglasses during the summer, have your lenses tinted with any color you like. The most popular tint colors are grey, brown, and green. They do not necessarily have to be the same color as the original lens that came with your sunglasses frames. Go wild with customizing your eyewear!


Tinted eyeglasses are both a practical and aesthetic accessory. The good news is, you can mix and match your eyeglasses and sunglasses depending on how you like it.

You can even have your pair customized by giving it the tint color that suits your personality and style. Reduce the glare from the sun and express your fashion statement all at the same time! You can have it done with specialized equipment or try doing an at-home solution. Either way, it’s time for my blurry-eyed friends to get the 2-in-1 eyewear they deserve!

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