What to Know about Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings (1/1)

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Technology and scientific development have brought countless advances, including for lens-wearers; glasses nowadays can do so much more for vision and eye health than simply correcting refractive errors or sub-20/20 eyesight! A lot of our ability to see clearly can actually be affected by the behaviour of light and its reflections off either our surroundings, or the eyeglass lenses themselves. Fortunately, special anti-reflective lens coatings can counteract most of these glares and distortions to make it easier on the eyes to see clearly in any conditions. Here’s how...

A brief description

Anti-reflective coatings are basically what they sound--a special coating on the surface of the eyeglass lens that cancels out glares and reflections that can quite literally make it an eyesore to see in focus. An anti-reflective (or anti-glare) coating will not alter your prescription strength, but will alleviate the contribution of distorting light patterns so that your eyes don’t need to work as hard to see in focus.

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The Science Behind Glare-Reducing Lenses & Their Uses (3/3)

Anyone who wears glasses for living or working conditions will significantly benefit from additional alleviation of eye strain provided by anti-reflective lens coatings. Remember that glare makes it more difficult to see in-focus, demanding more work from the eye muscles to see clearly. That means your eyes get tired sooner. People who [...]

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The Science Behind Glare-Reducing Lenses & Their Uses (2/2)

The working principles of glare-reducing lensesScientific research and technology advances in the optics field have made it possible to counter both environmental and lens glare. The two different types of glare-reducing lenses, anti-reflective coated and polarized, actually have very different working principles and are likewise effective toward eliminating the different sources of glare. Anti-reflective [...]

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The Science Behind Glare-Reducing Lenses & Their Uses (1/1)

Glare-reducing lenses boost your ability to see in conditions where the behaviour of light distorts vision. They can be particularly helpful for nighttime driving, in the presence of reflective surfaces such as water, and preventing any mirror-like reflections off the lens. Glare-reducing lenses are either polarized or have an anti-reflective coating. There’s [...]

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Non-prescription Eyewear and Eye Health

Curious about wearing glasses without a prescription? Are these “fake glasses”--as they’re commonly referred-to--actually bad for your eye health? On the flipside, are there any real benefits to wearing them, aside from being trendy and relatively inexpensive?All very good questions. In short, wearing glasses with non-prescription lenses can in some cases be [...]

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Astigmatism: What You Need to Know

Taking excellent care of your vision and eye health is undeniably important to your overall wellbeing. One of the best places to start is being informed. That being said, here’s the scoop on astigmatism--a refractive error that’s quite common--and its potential impacts on your eyesight…Let’s define itA common misconception is that astigmatism is [...]

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Eyeglasses to Compliment Your Eye Color

Going with neutral frames like black, brown, or tortoise is easy. They go with pretty much all hair colors, skin tones, and attire. It is also a safe bet with a neutral frame that it will go with any eye color or occasion. That’s fantastic if you want to fit in, but what about occasions [...]

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​Choosing Frames for Your Lifestyle

All professions place demands on your body and your mind in entirely different ways. You may also work during the day and play sports or socialize at night. These things require a different “uniform” between them. Your eyes are an important part of any activity and must be dressed appropriately.Computer HabitsThese days, people spend at [...]

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​Understanding Frame Measurements

When you are shopping for glasses, one of the things to look at is the size. This is especially important when shopping online because you don’t get to try them on. Perhaps you’ve never thought about this factor if you’ve only shopped in person, but if you look on the inside of your frame you [...]

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​Eyeglasses for Your Hair Color

Much like eye color, but easier to play with, is your hair color. There may be some shades that you want to stay away from, but you are still looking to accent your facial palette. Just remember, if you go by the hair, and decide to dye it, you will have to dye it a [...]

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