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Not only are kids the future in innovation, but they're the future of fashion and style as well, especially when it comes to choosing a safe and durable eyewear for them! With over several brands to choose from, including Guess, Harley Davidson, Vivid Eye glasses, Progear, and Free Form, your child will be ready for any season or semester. These Designer prescription eyeglasses for kids come with designs with full or semi-full rims, down to the smallest detail of the rims being thin or thick, as well as what type of material the eyeglasses consist of. Differences in material make it easy for your child to have durable and lightweight glasses to help them easily deal with their everyday activities. Designs ranging from subtle yet classic or extravagant and flamboant colors, your little ones are able to express themselves how they want to. Let your child start the new trend at school, of having the coolest glasses.

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