Are Eye Creams Safe?

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Eye creams are quite popular nowadays for a variety of reasons. Mainly, people have started to use different types of eye creams to diminish their under eye wrinkles or dark bags. Of course, every person is different in why they use eye cream. But as the eye cream trend has grown and grown, many people have begun to wonder whether or not eye cream is even okay to use. Is eye cream harmful to your eyes, and therefore your vision?


What are the ingredients?

It all really depends on the ingredients. Normally, the more natural ingredients are the least harmful of all. So, if your favorite eye cream is made from natural ingredients, you’re in luck! The ingredients you need to be wary of are certain perfumes, parabens, paraffin -- and really anything you can’t pronounce. If you’re worried, stick to the natural brands that have been gaining more and more followers.


Do this instead of using eye cream

Of course, if you’re really worried, you should always just abandon eye cream all together. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and as there’s no real study done on all the different eye creams out there, it’s hard to know just how harmful (or non-harmful) some creams are. Because of this, you can still prevent getting wrinkles under your eyes! Using sunscreen and always wearing sunglasses when outdoors is the first step, as sunlight is directly related to wrinkles on your skin.

If you’re worried about under eye bags or dark circles, there are also ways to naturally get rid of these. The first step is by drinking more water -- I know, you’ve probably heard this before. But it’s true! Drinking more water will help moisturize your skin, which can reduce under eye bags. Also, getting a good night's sleep is incredibly helpful to officially eliminating these problems!