How to Deal With Dry Eyes in the Winter

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Anytime the weather begins to change from hot to cold, it’s time to prepare for those dry eyed winter nights. Sadly, dry eyes in the winter is something quite a lot of people deal with. It’s a universal problem, whether or not you even wear glasses.

Now, to be clear, dry eyes aren’t just caused by the winter weather. In fact, people can experience dry eyes year round, depending on their own eye health. However, many people can begin to experience dry eyes in the winter because of lack of humidity in the air.

But what can you do to make your eyes less dry in the winter? Is there anything you can actually do? Well, yes. These are the top things you can do if you’re experiencing dry eyes during this cold spell. Some situations may work better for you (or worse), so experimenting until you find what works may be necessary!

Use artificial tear drops

Talk to your doctor to see if using high-quality artificial tear drops will work for you. These will help your lubricate your tear ducts, which become quite dry during the winter or in dry airy conditions. You can begin to use these eye drops regularly if you feel you have a specific problem -- and if your doctor recommends them.


Drink more water

You’ve probably heard this before, regardless of what your problem is. However, drinking more water isn’t just beneficial to your body -- it’s highly beneficial for your eyes, too. You’ll bring more moisture to your skin, body, and eyes by drinking more water!


Avoid smoke as much as possible

Smoke can severely mess with your eyes -- and that includes drying them out. Also try to avoid hobbies or scenarios where you’re standing in front of smoke or a fire. If you’re having quite bad dry eyes this winter, maybe lay off of grilling nonstop until you get some artificial tear drops to help you out!