Modern Wayfarer: an Oversized Take on Vintage Style (3/3)

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How to customize and complete the look

Interested in making the look your own? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

If you’ve tried oversized sunglasses before in other shapes, and found they created a somewhat caricature-esque appearance on a small or narrow face, don’t let that stop your from trying oversized Wayfarers! The trapezoidal silhouette tends to flatter virtually any face shape and size.

The structure of your face may also affect your preference for Classic or New Wayfarers. The New or “alternate fit Classic” variation are more forgiving and comfortable for those who have higher cheekbones or tend to experience tightness or pinching at the bridge of the nose with sunglasses.

That being said, try on your own pair and experiment with modernizing and oversizing a timeless eyewear look.

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