Simple Ways to Protect Your Eyes

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Keeping your eyes safe and free from harm should be number one of people’s to do list (especially if they work in a hazardous area). However, many people forget to protect their eyes during their jobs -- and even in their daily lives as they walk around town in the sunshine with no sunglasses.

Keeping your eyes safe is important -- and vital. Simple things like consistent exposure to the harsh sun can actually harm your eyes. With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick little list of things that you can do to keep your eyes as safe as possible, whether you’re working on a construction site or lounging at the pool.

ALWAYS wear sunglasses

Again: ALWAYS. The sun can really harm your eyesight more than you know, and overtime, with constant exposure to the sun, your vision can deteriorate. You should always go for high-quality sunglasses (especially if they’re prescription!), but simple sunglasses you buy from your local store will do as well. The important thing is keeping them safe no matter what.


Never look directly at bright lights

If you work in an area that deals with lighting or electricity in some way, make sure you always have your safety goggles on, first and foremost. Also, don’t look directly into bright lights. This probably goes without saying, but your vision will deteriorate if you do this often enough. These lights include car headlights and lights at concerts or events.


Steer clear of hazards

Even if you’re in a work environment that is considered hazardous, always make sure you’re being careful. This means wearing the proper glasses or safety goggles given to you (as well as a hardhat!). A common hazard that tends to be overlooked are firecrackers. These can do great damage to your vision, especially if you’re looking and standing too close to any active firecracker.