Students instructions on buying prescription eyeglasses.

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It is not easy being the kid with eyeglasses at school. There is always a struggle to read what is written on the board, to prevent eyeglasses from falling off during gym class, and to fight off the teasing from the other kids. Lucky for you, we at Daniel Walters have some tips to help you find the perfect eyeglasses as a student.

Find a Good Optician

To know what is best for you, it is important to seek professional help or advice. Go to a licensed optician and ask what kind of lenses you need to use. If found that you need strong lenses that are thick, it is better to choose small frames to reduce the final thickness of your glasses. In this way, high-order aberration on the edges of the lens can be lessened or completely prevented. This will result to less risk for distortion or blurring of the peripheral vision. As a student, having very good eyesight is necessary for conducive learning. The only way to get the right prescription is to rely on the skills of a licensed optometrist. Daniel Walters has its very own professional to help you out with that!

Fashion Forward

Times have changed. The nerdy is the new cool. Some even wear fake eyeglasses to pull off the smart kid look. However, many students wearing glasses still experience bullying from those who take them as “uncool”. The key to not look “uncool” is to find the trendy frame that goes with your style and, at the same time, a pair that makes you feel confident and comfortable. You can select from a wide array of colors, designs, shapes and sizes of glasses available in our store. At Daniel Walters, you can be both the smart AND cool kid at school.



With a student’s busy life and curiosity to explore and try new things, it is important to consider eyeglasses that can withstand being accidentally sat on or dropped. Some use plastic because it is lighter and less expensive. Others opt for metal frames for stronger frame structure. Whatever the make is, make sure that you choose the best brands made with the most quality materials. We have it all for you here at Daniel Walters!


Safe Lenses

Once you have selected the frame of your choice, the next consideration is the lenses. It is advisable that students’ lenses are made of polycarbonate or Trivex. These are impact and scratch-resistant lenses that are safer, lighter and more comfortable than the regular prescription eyeglasses. Whatever kind of student you are – a math whiz, bookworm, dancer or athlete, it is important that your eyeglasses cater to your needs and match your personality. With the tips written above, we hope that you can find the perfect eyeglasses for you. Here at Daniel Walters, we offer lots of options for you at a very affordable price! Hope you find the perfect pair that you are looking for!


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