The Science Behind Glare-Reducing Lenses & Their Uses (3/3)

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Anyone who wears glasses for living or working conditions will significantly benefit from additional alleviation of eye strain provided by anti-reflective lens coatings. Remember that glare makes it more difficult to see in-focus, demanding more work from the eye muscles to see clearly. That means your eyes get tired sooner. People who frequently work or find themselves in any of the following situations will certainly benefit from the glare-reducing properties of anti-reflective coated lenses:

  • Those who spend significant stretches of time looking at electronic screens (computers, tablets or mobile phones). The glow from the illuminated display becomes incident light on glasses lenses, producing glare and unwanted eye strain.
  • Driving at night time is generally more difficult for everyone than navigating the roads during daylight hours. However, if you wear glasses, oncoming headlights, and any other light sources can produce vision-obscuring halos from the lens reflections--it’s not only hard on the eyes, but quite dangerous. Anti-reflective coatings help eliminate these halos and increase confidence and ease of driving at night.
  • If you spend a good deal of time meeting with people for either occupational tasks or leisure. Whether indoors or out, the glare produced from light reflecting on your eyeglass lenses can distract not only you, but the people you meet with. It makes it hard for both of you to make direct eye contact, which can undoubtedly hinder communication. You certainly don’t want this to stand in your way!

As for polarized lenses, you’ll likely find they aren’t as essential as anti-reflective lenses to enjoy clearer vision and a better quality of life. The one case in which polarized lenses are highly beneficial are for those who work or simply enjoy spending time outdoors on the water, in snowy terrain, or even as construction or road crew. Any of these cases can be extremely harsh on the eyes with all the bright glare, so polarized sunglasses are an ideal solution to help enjoy your time outdoors again. For everyone else, polarized lenses are more-or-less optional--if you notice enough improvement over your standard sunglasses, it certainly can’t hurt to sport a pair of polarized shades!

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