What Are High-Index Lenses?

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High-index lenses are another one of the options you can choose to add on to your new frames under the Prescription checkbox on danielwalters.com. These lenses are thinner and lighter than standard plastic or glass lenses are, so they are perfect for those who want more attractive-looking and comfortable eyewear.

These lenses are highly recommended for anyone who has a very strong prescription – whether it is for near or distance vision or astigmatism – as well as anyone who may want slimmer lenses.

Now you may be wondering: why are they recommended for those with strong prescriptions?

Eyeglass lenses are used to help correct any refractive issues that can result from your eye shape and so on by bending light as it goes through the eyeglass lens. How much the light needs to be bent – also known as lens power – in order for you to have good vision is written on your prescription.

The refractive errors as well as the lens power you need to correct them are measured in diopters, written just as D. For example, if you are just mildly nearsighted, your prescription could say -2.50 D. If you are severely nearsighted, you might need -8.00 D. A plus sign indicates farsightedness.

High-index lenses help out with comfort by decreasing the weight of the lens – as they can become quite heavy with higher prescriptions – and they do this by bending light more efficiently.

This means that, even if you have a high lens power, you will still have a thin lens.

Combine the high-index lenses with the coatings that come free with your prescription on our website, and you will continue to have very attractive looking eyewear that won’t scratch easily and will look almost invisible due to the anti-glare coating.

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